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Effective Spiritual Warfare (Expanded eKit Download)


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Effective Spiritual Warfare Spiritual warfare is a spiritual battle against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, and against spiritual wickedness in high places. Spiritual warfare is fought with spiritual weapons. Receive advance training in this material.  

You felt something strange happening spiritually but could not tell what it was. Then the Holy Spirit revealed to you spiritual warfare attacks trying to destroy your marriage, children, finances, job, friends and family relationships. 

Even now some days you just cannot stay focused as the battle rages in your mind, emotions, and imaginations. You get angry; you struggle with your faith. You are up one day and down the next. Your spouse is backsliding and children rebelling. Sometimes you just want to give up and quit. You wonder why you have so much trouble hearing from God. One day the heavens are open, everything is great, and the next day the spiritual climate is hard as a rock. Sometimes you even feel alone wondering why no one seems to understand you. 

I have felt the same way. I used to walk around my backyard asking myself, “What is going on?” I used to run down my spiritual checklist. Did I sin? Was there something I needed to do? Did I do something I should not have done? Do I not have enough faith? Was my marriage going to make it? You probably asked some of the same things. 

Then one day the Holy Spirit showed me that I was in a spiritual war. That was over twenty-five years ago. Back then I did not have anybody to talk with about those things. Most of my Christian friends were good people they just didn’t know anything about spiritual discernment, spiritual weapons, or spiritual warfare. When I tried to talk with them, they thought I was crazy. Well, I’ve learned a lot since then. 

Maybe you can relate to my story. I have faced a lot of spiritual battles since then and won. I think we can help you too. That is why we put together the best material I could find. I want to help you understand what’s happening to your life and teach you how to fight back, fast! One thing is for sure, you cannot win by ignoring what's happening to you. You must learn what to do. Your life, marriage, children, and family are much more important. Information is what you need. 

Here are some of the things you will learn. I can't teach you everything, but here are some things we will touch on. 



Sharpening Your Spiritual Discernment 

Understanding What You Are Fighting Against 

Praying for Your Children 

The Battle for Your Marriage 

Fighting with God's Power 

Walking in Spiritual Authority 

Discernment During Spiritual Battles 

Staying Focused in the Battle 

Pray to Win 

Battling Effectively 

Hearing from God During Warfare 

Dealing With Jezebel's Witchcraft 

Surviving Every Day and Moving Forward 

Seeing the Enemy Before It's Too Late 

Power to Stop Attacks 

How To Protect Yourself 

Early Warning Signs of a Spiritual Attack 

Discerning Strongholds 

Warfare Against Friends and Family 

Personal Warfare 

Different Spiritual Weapons 

Dressing Like a Spiritual Warrior 

Praying On the Armor of God



Exposing Spiritual Witchcraft
30 Pieces Of Silver
Imaginations, Dare To Win The Battle Against Your Mind 
Life After Rejection
Breaking Christian Witchcraft

8 MP3 AUDIO ALBUMS ( 31 MP3's )

Witchcraft in the Church
MP3-1 Hallmarks of Witchcraft
MP3-2 Witchcraft's Dark Influence
MP3-3 Breaking Witchcraft's Powers
MP3-4 The Road to Deception

Undressing the Religious Spirit
MP3-1 Catching The Religious Thief 
MP3-2 Ungrateful Operations
MP3-3 Don't Be Set Up 
MP3-4 The Day Peter Was Deceived

The Making of a Warrior
MP3-1 Awakening the Warring Spirit
MP3-2 Understanding David's Mighty Men
MP3-3 Schooling the Warrior Within
MP3-4 Overcoming Spiritual Attacks

Demons & Deliverance
MP3-1 Anointing for Deliverance 
MP3-2 Heritage of Deliverance Ministry
MP3-3 Types of Pneuma Spirits 
MP3-4 Confronting Demon Powers 

Breaking Family Curses
MP3-1 No Cause, No Curse
MP3-2 Expelling Visiting Spirits
MP3-3 Seven Signs of a Family Curse
MP3-4 Breaking the Power of Word Curses

Overcoming Dysfunctional Emotions & Reclaiming Your Life
MP3-1 Emotional Recovery Check List
MP3-2 Digging Out Of Rejection Issues
MP3-3 Arresting Personality Malfunctions
MP3-4 David's Dysfunctional Family

Living Life to the Max
MP3-1 Turbo-charged Believers
MP3-2 Out of the Boring
MP3-3 Working with the Spirit

3 Levels of Spiritual Warfare
MP3-1 Three Levels of Spiritual Warfare
MP3-2 Witchcraft and Imaginations
MP3-3 Direct Demonic Confrontation
MP3-4 Principalities, Powers, and Teaching Spirits


Armor of God

Perhaps you already have this. If not you will receive a digital copy as a bonus.

How to pray on the armor of God (prayer included!)

What spiritual warfare is and how it affects you.

What to do when your mind goes CRAZY?

Moses’ Ancient Prayer before battle.

Learn to stop fear and launch faith.

How to handle word curses.

Understand “Effective prayer” and how it works.

What to do when you feel like giving up.

The first thing you MUST do when locked in a spiritual battle.

How to take control of your life.

Stop the warfare against your mind.

And much more!


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