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  • Sex, Soul Ties, And Jezebel's Seducing Spirit

Sex, Soul Ties, And Jezebel's Seducing Spirit (Expanded eKit Download)


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Sex, Soul Ties, And Jezebel's Seducing Spirit Jezebel spirit has spellbinding powers. Jezebel is a spirit, not a gender. A married man wrote desperate for help saying, "I cannot get this other woman out of my head." He was bewitched, seduced, and taken captive in his emotions. Another victim penned, "I almost left my husband for someone with a Jezebel spirit. I did not realize how the spirit of seduction could get such a firm hold on my mind. During my encounter with Jezebel's seduction I got to the point where I could not even think straight, my judgment was clouded, and things I used to be able to do I could not do anymore."

Every person you have sex with leaves a part of them in you. That part of you is a soul tie. Some, not all, soul ties come from sexual relations. Many more come from emotional manipulation. Repentance must take place and soul ties broken. Jezebel's control beats you down a little at a time. At some point, you lose personal identity, self-worth, your life seems over, and God finished with you. Jezebel's demonic power sucks the life right out of you and makes you want to give up and quit. There is a clear path to freedom. Discover what you need to win.



Jezebel Seducing Goddess Of War

Exposing Spiritual Witchcraft

Breaking Family Curses

Imaginations, Dare To Win The Battle Against Your Mind

Jezebel and Prophetic Ministry

How Jezebel Hijacks Prophetic Ministry

Breaking Christian Witchcraft

Life After Rejection

Sex, Soul Ties, And Jezebel's Seducing Spirit 

5 MP3 AUDIO ALBUMS ( 19 MP3's )

Dismantling Jezebel's Network

MP3-1 Set The House In Order

MP3-2 Discerning The Jezebel Spirit

MP3-3 Eunuchs: Guilt By Association

MP3-4 The Sins Of Ahab

Witchcraft in the Church

MP3-1 Hallmarks of Witchcraft

MP3-2 Witchcraft's Dark Influence

MP3-3 Breaking Witchcraft's Powers

MP3-4 The Road to Deception

Break Free From Jezebel's Controlling Powers

MP3-1 The Messenger of Jezebel

MP3-2 Jehu, the Conqueror

MP3-3 Ahab, The Provoker

Breaking Family Curses

MP3-1 No Cause, No Curse

MP3-2 Expelling Visiting Spirits

MP3-3 Seven Signs of a Family Curse

MP3-4 Breaking the Power of Word Curses

Overcoming Dysfunctional Emotions & Reclaiming Your Life

MP3-1 Emotional Recovery Checklist

MP3-2 Digging Out of Rejection Issues

MP3-3 Arresting Personality Malfunctions

MP3-4 David's Dysfunctional Family


Armor of God

Perhaps you already have this. If not you will receive a digital copy as a bonus.

How to pray on the armor of God (prayer included!)

What spiritual warfare is and how it affects you.

What to do when your mind goes CRAZY?

Moses’ Ancient Prayer before battle.

Learn to stop fear and launch faith.

How to handle word curses.

Understand “Effective prayer” and how it works.

What to do when you feel like giving up.

The first thing you MUST do when locked in a spiritual battle.

How to take control of your life.

Stop the warfare against your mind.

And much more!

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