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  • Unlocking Prophetic imaginations

Unlocking Prophetic Imaginations (eBook Download)


Product Description

Prophetic imaginations

Is there a war against your mind? Do you ever feel like giving up and quitting? When Monday morning comes, do you wish you could ignore the alarm clock and pull the covers over your head? One of the surest signs of a spiritual attack against the mind is feeling you want to throw up your hands and surrender. As you read this book you will learn how to win the warfare against your mind. You will discover vital, Biblical truths such as:


  • Why God gave you a prophetic imagination.
  • How to defeat the fearful whispers in your ear.
  • How to unravel Satan's best spiritual warfare strategy.
  • How to stop invisible opponents.
  • How to see all things as possible.
  • How to win imaginary conversations.
  • How to walk where dreams live.


You can stop the warfare against your mind. Are you ready to win? Are you ready to envision great things, dream great things and achieve great things with your God-given imagination? This book offers you more than information. It gives you proven and practical steps toward victory.





1. The Seeing Gift
Imagination is a seeing gift from God. With it, you can envision great things, dream great things and achieve great things. All outstanding achievement in life is birthed within the imagination of man.


2. Whispers in Your Ear
Have you felt like you just wanted to give up and quit? Monday morning has come and you just want to ignore the alarm clock and pull the covers over your head. One of the surest signs of spiritual attack against the mind is the feeling that you want to throw up your hands and surrender.


3. Depraved Reasoning
Corrupted thoughts and imaginations will battle for dominion in your mind. They war against the positive, innovative, and creative ideas, dreams and aspirations the Holy Spirit wants to impart.

4. Satan's Best Warfare Strategy
Satan still uses the same strategies to attack mankind, the introduction of doubt and vain imaginations. He understands that God created you to imagine all things possible, even the forbidden.


5. Seeing Lessons
Imaginations, like all prophetic words, dreams, and visions need to be judged for source, accuracy, motive, truth, purpose, intent, and clear meaning.


6. The Dark Gander
Imaginations create reality, even evil reality. God gave you the freedom to choose how you respond to every circumstance in life, every thought that attacks your mind, and every bad report that contradicts God's plan.


7. Don't Think Like That
How you think affects your life. Fallen man walking out of the vanity within his mind looks for ways to fulfill sensual, fleshly, lustful passions. When he finds those passions they pull on the carnal nature.


8. Invisible Opponents
Perseverance is part of the human spirit. There is not a hero in history that escaped a measure of failure before success.


9. Where Dreams Live
Imaginations can change the world, your world. In fact, the world and history have already experienced change through someone's imagination. From the car you drive to the home you live in, to the clothes you wear, all have experienced the fruit of the creative power of imagination.  




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