Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I find my product download link?

A: There are two answers.

    1. There will be a receipt of your purchase emailed to you immediately with a download link. Look for the download link on that receipt.

    2. If you created an account (optional), you can login and access your downloads. Note: If you create an account, please keep a record of your username and password. We don't have it.

Q: Were can I find information on upcoming conferences?

A: Conference information can be accessed by clicking the banner on the www.JonasClark.com website. You can also call the ministry office.

   Office Hours: Monday - Thursday  9-5 PM, EST.

   Phone# (954) 456-4420

 Q: Where can I submit my prayer request?

A: Please send your prayer requests to office@jonasclark.com. Your prayer request will be added to the SOLM intercessory team.

Q: Where can I give donations, offerings or tithes?

 A: Click this link for the donation page https://tinyurl.com/y6soejuw

You can also call our ministry office with phone donations.

    Office Hours: Monday - Thursday  9-5 PM,EST.

    Phone# (954) 456-4420