Avoiding Foreign Spirits (Physical Book)

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Avoiding Foreign SpiritsFamiliar spirits are just one example of the foreign spirits that are entering churches and ministries undetected. Prophetic people are the first targets of these deceiving spirits. Prophets carry a great blessing for the body of Christ. They also have a significant responsibility to guard their ministry against demonic encroachment while avoiding familiar spirits. The seasoned prophet understands this and knows to "wait for the unction" of the Holy Spirit before moving out in their gifting, protecting himself and others from prophetic error and foreign spirits.

In this pocket-size book you will learn:

  • Why you need God's permission to prophesy.
  • Five steps for receiving prophetic permission.
  • Keys to prophetic maturity.
  • The pitfalls of searching hidden secrets.
  • Avoiding seducing spirits of deception.
  • About Set Prophets, Mantels, and Activation.
  • And much more...