Breaking Family Curses (Physical Book)

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Breaking Family CursesEscape the grip of family curses with Jonas Clark's empowering book! In "Family Curses and Deliverance," Clark unveils the unseen forces behind reoccurring problems, offering insights into demon powers and familiar spirits seeking to wreak havoc across generations. Learn to identify and break free from the signs of a family curse, from health issues to financial struggles. Clark guides you through practical steps to combat spiritual witchcraft, break word curses, and initiate a spiritual house cleaning. Take charge of your destiny with chapters on prayer and a family curses and deliverance checklist. Don't let the sins of your family's past dictate your future; instead, order your copy now and embrace the invitation to a liberated destiny. Break the chains and step into a life free from the burdens of generational curses! 



1. What Happens in Vegas
2. 7 Signs of a Family Curse
3. No Cause, No Curse
4. Six Attacking Curses
5. Spiritual Witchcraft
6. Breaking Word Curses
7. Spiritual House Cleaning
8. Prayer
9. Family Curses and Deliverance Checklist
10. Invitation to Destiny