Extreme Prophetic Studies (Physical Book)

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Extreme Prophetic StudiesHas God called you into prophetic ministry? Discover important truths that you can't afford to go without. The subject of the prophetic ministry is so vast that no single work could discuss every surface of it.

Extreme Prophetic Studies is about presenting the prophetic ministry and work of the prophets with Scriptural truth, balance, and boundaries. Our approach to prophetic training is assured, to advance you in ministry. The bottom line is that results are guaranteed.

Explore our unique method of training and activation. Hundreds of people just like you have moved to greater prophetic levels.


1. Five Ascension Gifts

2. All Can Prophesy

3. Gift of Prophecy

4. Prophets and Prophecy

5. Prophecy: A Vital Ministry

6. The Watchman's Ministry

7. Prophetic Communications

8. Announce, Confirm, Activate

9. Extensive Training Process

10. Supernatural Education

11. Edify, Exhort, and Curse?

12. Earmarks of a False Prophet

13. Hallmarks of the Prophet