Jezebel, Seducing Goddess of War (Physical Book)

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Jezebel, Seducing Goddess of WarJezebel. Don't let the Jezebel spirit control your life!

The Jezebel spirit wants to control your life -- and then she wants to destroy it. Jezebel is a warring, contending spirit that uses flattery and manipulation to create soul ties that she uses to control her victims -- and she's targeting you.

Find out how to recognize this spirit's wicked operations, which include false prophecy, fear tactics, seduction and many other wiles. This book will expose this controlling spirit for what it is with explicit details, intriguing personal testimonies and letters from believers who have battled this foe.

Don't tolerate Jezebel, get equipped and gain victory over this spirit today!

"I have encountered everything you wrote about in this book. Now I know what to do about it!" Samuel, Colorado

"I knew something was wrong, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was. Now I see clearly, it was the Jezebel spirit." Deborah, Ohio

"I have read other books on the Jezebel spirit, but this is the only one that told me what to do about it." Joseph, Arizona

Revelation about Jezebel is one thing - practical ways to overcome her is another. Find out how to deal with this wicked spirit today!


1. Jezebel, Who is that Woman?

Jezebel is a master manipulator who uses flattering words and smooth sayings to seduce your soul. She seeks positions of power, influence, favor and authority that allow her to control and advance her evil agenda. Could she be targeting you?

2. Jezebel's World

Jezebel likes to isolate her disciples from others in an effort to control their life, and soulishly addict them to her. She does this through mysticism and false prophecy.

3. The Gods of Jezebel

By studying the gods of Jezebel, we can pull back the veil of deception and see the true nature of her character. What you find out about these ancient gods - and how they are still working in the world today - may surprise you.

4. Jezebel and the Laodicean Church

Voice of Healing Prophet William Branham prophesied Jezebel's rise in 1933. Indeed, our generation is a prime target for the greatest deception the world has ever seen, and the Laodicean church will be the victim of that great deception.

5. Jezebel's Serious Threats

The Jezebel spirit is motivated by an insatiable hunger for power and control. The elements of conflict with Jezebel start with the threat and its messenger, and are shaped by our response. Let's face it, Jezebel's threats are serious. Will her menacing messages allow her to control your life or will you disregard her intimidating tactics?

6. Ahab the Provoker

Ahab carries a provoking spirit. He is contentious, argumentative, depressive and hostile toward God's prophets. Ahab is not weak, but he does have insecurities that allow Jezebel to come in and usurp his authority. He will allow Jezebel to come in and usurp his authority. He will allow Jezebel to use her seducing, warring abilities to do his dirty work.

7. Jezebel's Nemesis

God called and empowered Jehu, an apostle of war, to conquer Jezebel, a goddess of war, and to destroy the house of Ahab.

8. Shiggaown Tenacity

It takes ruthless faith and militant determination to defeat the Jezebel spirit. Jezebel is not all-powerful. She can be conquered, and God desires to spiritually equip you to be the one to do it.

9. Eunuchs of Jezebel

The Holy Spirit is saying, "It is time for the eunuchs of Jezebel to consider their ways." Discover what a 21st century eunuch looks like and why you must guard yourself from becoming Jezebel's wicked assistant.

10. God's Abolitionist Movement

Bondage to the Jezebel spirit is an evil form of slavery. Every believer should aggressively stand against this usurper of liberty and join God's abolitionist movement.