Life After Rejection: God's Path to Emotional Healing (Physical Book)

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Life After Rejection: God's Path to Emotional Healing

Emotional healing. God gave us emotions, but He never intended emotional pain to rule our lives. Rejection comes from hurts and wounds. It holds us hostage to wrong feelings, behaviors, and attitudes. If you've been betrayed, divorced, abandoned, or abused - or even if you were simply turned down for a job or shunned by a social group - you may be looking at the world through rejection-colored glasses.

In this life-transforming book, Jonas Clark reveals powerful truths from God's Word that will help you learn to overcome rejection and live the abundant, overflowing life Jesus died to give you. Through real-life examples, pointed questionnaires, and practical instruction, Jonas leads you on God's path to emotional healing.

Dynamic Scriptural insights teach you:

How to identify the roots of rejection.
How to break free from feelings of worthlessness and guilt.
How to receive God's love, acceptance, and emotional healing.
How to find deliverance from depression.
How to help others suffering from the pain of rejection.
And, much more!


1. The House Rejection Built
2. This Old House
3. Traits of Rejection
4. Ministerial Rejection
5. A Father's Rejection
6. Sibling Rejection
7. Spousal Rejection
8. Rejection By Children
9. Rejection By Close Friends
10. Me, Chosen, and Accepted?
11. Oh No, Not Correction
12. Ministering To Those With Rejection
13. The Gates of Forgiveness
14. The Mr. Hyde Syndrome
15. Unraveling Rejection
16. Reference Definitions and Scriptural References