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StormsSpiritual storms will get your attention fast. Are You Prepared For The Next one? Hurricanes captured headlines and concern throughout the Southeast United States. There was Charley, Ivan, Francis, and Jeanne. All left unwanted gifts of destruction. Could the increase of storms be a prophetic sign to the body of Christ to prepare ourselves?

Prophetic or not, if you live long enough you will have to pass through many storms in your life. Storms insist on getting your full attention by disrupting daily routines and causing inconvenience to everyone. Some storms even prove deadly.

Storms will reveal the real you.

What's in you, both admirable and dire will manifest during tempestuous times.

Jesus wants you able to pass through all kinds of storms and come out victoriously.

Preparation for the storms of life may seem a bit menacing to some because preparation requires spiritual maturity. Your five-fold leaders may be your last source for improvement and preparation for storms in your life. As gifts from Jesus they are called to do more than bless you -- they are called to prepare you.

Topics Include:

MP3-1 Strengthening Your Inner-Man

MP3-2 Developing A Resolute Tenacity