3 Levels of Spiritual Warfare (MP3 Download)

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3 Levels of Spiritual WarfareSpiritual warfare is opposing principalities, powers, and spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places. There are 3 main levels of conflict included in spiritual witchcraft. The first is against your mind with doubt, worry, unbelief, vain imaginations, and fear. The second is direct or indirect demonic encounters. The third is high-level principalities, powers, and teaching spirits. Jesus said He would build his church and the gates of hell would not prevail. To accomplish this He has given you a measure of delegated spiritual authority, His word, and the Holy Spirit. There is power waiting for you. Learn what you are battling against and why. With this information, you will learn how to engage the enemy, advance the Kingdom of God, and make a difference in your ministry.

Christ gave His Church power to overcome all spiritual opposition against His kingdom's advancement. This is the forward-moving thrust of the Kingdom of God and the apostolic church. Before people, cities, and nations can change, believers must engage demonic powers that manipulate life and culture. Everything in heaven and earth depends on you winning and advancing in spiritual warfare. God is calling intercessors, prophets, remnant believers, and spiritual warriors to beat their plow shares into swords. As a remnant believer, you are not ignoring demonic powers but are well-equipped to overcome every battle.  If you are a spiritual warrior wanting to be effective in life and ministry, this CD teaching series is for you.

Topics include:

1. Three Levels of Spiritual Warfare
2. Witchcraft and Imaginations
3. Direct Demonic Confrontation
4. Principalities, Powers, and Teaching Spirits