Prophetic Warfare Strategies (MP3 Download)

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Prophetic Warfare StrategiesProphetic warfare makes you feel like prayers are hitting the ceiling and going nowhere. This is when you need some prophetic warfare strategies. Jonas offers prophetic insights dealing with difficult spiritual climates in this spiritual warfare series with titles that include:

MP3-1 Discerning Hard Heavens

MP3-2 Dominating Your Territory

MP3-3 Developing a Warring Grace

MP3-4 Victory Over Hard Heavens.


In this four-MP3 teaching series, you will learn:

• Causes of hard heavens 

• Discerning and changing hard spiritual climates

• Waging effective spiritual warfare against hard heavens

• Benefiting from apostolic and prophetic warring grace

• Developing your spirit man

• Gaining ultimate victory over hard heavens

• Plus much more!