Break Free From Jezebel's Controlling Powers (MP3 Download)

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Break Free From Jezebel's Controlling PowersControlling people include Jezebel. Don't Let Jezebel Ruin Your Life. You can be free from this controlling power.

The Jezebel spirit wants to control your life -- and then she wants to destroy it. Jezebel is a warring, contending spirit that uses flattery and manipulation to create soul ties that she uses to control her victims -- and she's targeting you. Find out how to recognize this spirit's wicked operations, which include false prophecy, fear tactics, seduction, and many other wiles. This MP3 series exposes this controlling spirit for what it is with explicit details. Don't tolerate Jezebel, get equipped and break free into victory over this spirit. 

Topics Include

MP3-1 The Messenger Of Jezebel 

MP3-2 Jehu, The Conqueror 

MP3-3 Ahab, The Provoker