Dismantling Jezebel's Network (MP3 Download)

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Dismantling Jezebel's NetworkDismantling Jezebel's network consists of messengers, guards, and students.

You know Jezebel, but have you met her team? Together, the spirits of Jezebel, Ahab, and eunuchs could be wreaking havoc on your life. This wicked network of controlling, manipulating, provoking, and spying spirits, is spinning a master web of deception. 

Jonas offers insider information about these dark forces in a powerful teaching series with titles that include:

(4 MP3 teaching series)

MP3-1 Set the House in Order

MP3-2 Discerning the Jezebel Spirit

MP3-3 Eunuchs: Guilty by Association

MP3-4 The Sins of Ahab. 

In this four-CD teaching series, you will learn:

Why these spirits are attacking apostolic and prophetic restoration

How to identify the spirit of Jezebel

How to identify the spirit Ahab 

How to identify Jezebel's eunuchs

How to determine if someone is flowing in any of these wicked spirits

Plus much more! 

It's not enough to stop Jezebel. You have to stop her team. Learn to see these spirits for what they are and dismantle Jezebel's evil network today.