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STOP GENERATIONAL CURSES, NOW! Breaking Generational Curses

It's time to take action and break the cycle of generational curses that have been plaguing your family for generations. Learn how to identify and break generational curses through prayer, fasting, and other spiritual practices. With God's help, you can free your family from the curse and ultimately find peace and freedom. Generational curses are real. Never before have we seen the rise of generational curses destroying the lives of people like we do today. Drug addictions, bad decisions, accidents, anger, spouse abuse, divorce, not being able to hold down a job, and repeated financial failure

This material was put together to help you understand what's causing many of the problems and what to do about them. You can choose to ignore what's happening, or you can learn how to stop it. It's time for you to learn and fight back. Generational curses attack families. A family curse is a recurring problem that steals, kills, and destroys. Generational curses, rejection, instability, abuse, and demon powers attack many families. If your family is under assault, it could be possible that a family curse is visiting. Curses include premature death, sickness, accidents, divorce, family feuds, addictions, financial loss, and others.

You can be cursed in many ways, from getting sick again and again to having problems with your marriage or money. Because of generational curses, the family keeps getting addicted to drugs, losing money, getting sick, and so on. This is because evil spirits enter your home through open doors. I know it's hard to understand, but it's true.

According to the Bible, God visits the iniquities of the fathers on the children up to the third and fourth generations of those who hate him. You cannot choose your relatives any more than you can choose your gender. Before you can break generational curses, you need to identify them. Family curses are real. You can’t ignore them. Learn what to do.

What you'll learn:

  1. Seven Signs of a Family Curse
  2. Six Attacking Curses
  3. Open Doors for Family Curses
  4. Spiritual House Cleaning
  5. Prayer against Family Curses
  6. Overcoming Emotional Hurts and Wounds
  7. Overcoming Personality Malfunctions
  8. Emotional Recovery Check List
  9. The Scriptural Foundation for Deliverance
  10. How to Continue the Deliverance Ministry of Jesus
  11. The Different Types of Spirits Mentioned in the Bible
  12. How to Cast Out Devils
  13. Our Authority as Believers
  14. Six Things Evil Spirits Attach Themselves To
  15. How to Keep Your Deliverance 

Included are four books and over 12 hours of audio teaching


Breaking Family Curses

Come Out!

Life After Rejection

How Witchcraft Spirits Attack 


  • What Happens in Vegas

  • 7 Signs of a Family Curse

  • No Cause, No Curse

  • Six Attacking Curses

  • Spiritual Witchcraft

  • Breaking Word Curses

  • Spiritual House Cleaning Prayer

  • Family Curses and Deliverance Checklist

  • Invitation to Destiny


  • Doing the Works of Jesus
  • Spirits Mentioned in the Bible
  • Ten Useful Insights in Deliverance
  • Healing and Deliverance
  • Who Needs Deliverance
  • Six Things Evil Spirits Attach To
  • Five Keys Important to Deliverance
  • Possessed Or Demonized?
  • How to Keep Your Deliverance
  • Prayer For Deliverance


  • The House Rejection Built

  • This Old House

  • Traits of Rejection

  • Ministerial Rejection

  • A Father's Rejection

  • Sibling Rejection

  • Spousal Rejection

  • Rejection By Children

  • Rejection By Close Friends

  • Me, Chosen and Accepted?

  • Oh No, Not Correction

  • Ministering To Those With Rejection

  • The Gates of Forgiveness

  • The Mr. Hyde Syndrome

  • Unraveling Rejection

  • Reference Definitions and Scriptural References


  • How to recognize an attack.

  • How to stop the powers of control.

  • How to overcome weariness and fatigue.

  • How to break demonic soul ties.

  • What to do when attacked by confusion.

  • And much more...

3 ALBUMS ( 12 MP3 AUDIOS  ) 


Audio - 1 No Cause, No Curse

Audio - 2 Expelling Visiting Spirits

Audio - 3 Seven Signs of a Family Curse

Audio - 4 Breaking the Power of Word Curses


Audio - 1 Emotional Recovery Check List

Audio - 2 Digging Out Of Rejection Issues

Audio - 3 Arresting Personality Malfunctions

Audio - 4 David's Dysfunctional Family


Audio - 1 Anointing for Deliverance

Audio - 2 Heritage of Deliverance Ministry

Audio - 3 Six Types of Pneuma Spirits

Audio - 4 Confronting Demon Powers