Effective Ministries and Believers: Introducing Apostolic Ministry (Kindle)

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Effective Ministries and Believers: Introducing Apostolic Ministry Effective Ministries and Believers is your go-to handbook for unlocking more of God's grace in your life and ministry. Written by apostolic leader Jonas Clark, this actionable book dives into powerful truths from God's Word to help you flow in an apostolic and prophetic grace. As an apostolic leader, Clark reveals the forgotten model of ministry, the murdering spirit of religion, and the steps to building apostolic teams. With practical advice on drawing on apostolic gifts, discerning false apostles, and benefitting from spiritual fathers, this book will equip you to be a reformer, warrior, and strategist in your local church and community. Discover the earmarks of apostolic team members and learn how to love, lead, and correct in a way that will impact and influence your world. Invite God's grace to flow through you and fulfill your God-given destiny with Effective Ministries and Believers.



1. Apostolic Times

2. The Forgotten Model of Ministry

3. The Murdering Spirit of Religion

4. Breakthrough Believers

5. Drawing on Apostolic Gifts

6. Apostles, Prophets, Presbyteries

7. False Prophets, Demonic Guards, and Territorial Opposition

8. Seven Steps for Building Apostolic Teams

9. Earmarks of Apostolic Team Members

10. Reformers, Warriors, and Strategists

11. Love, Leadership, and Correction

12. Discerning False Apostles

13. Benefiting from Spiritual Fathers

14. The Seat of Governing Authority

15. Influencing Your World

16. Invitation to Destiny