Effective Prayer And Prayer Answers (Physical Kit)

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Effective Prayer and Prayer AnswersThe power of prayer and prayer answers is what you need to move forward in purpose. Through the power of prayer, the Holy Spirit leads you and guides you through life. Sometimes, however, you pray and hear nothing.

When you don't receive prayer answers, you can become frustrated and disheartened. Then the enemy torments your mind with all sorts of vain imaginations, and you're ready to quit. There are several reasons prayer does not get answered. We will cover some of those, but, more importantly, you are going to learn what it takes to get prayer answered, fast! Don't give up. God is on your side.


Hearing God During Spiritual Warfare

Prayer for Healing

Prayer for Strength

Prayer for Protection

Trusting God When You Can't Hear A Thing

Secret to Answered Prayer

Prayer for the Sick

Power of Prayer

The Prayer of Faith

Praying Out The Mysteries of God

When Giants And Mountains Don't Move

Prayer That Gets Rewarded

How To Enter God's Presence

Prayer Closets

Hearing God in the Secret Place

Praying in the Spirit

Includes 3 books and over 12 hours of audio teaching.


What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

Holy Ghost Tongues, Power, & Prayer

50 Confessions


What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

  • Overcoming Confusion's Grey Haze.

  • Don't Give Life to Thoughts of Giving Up

  • What to do When an Imagination Hits Your Mind.

  • How to Fortify Your Mind Against Vain Thoughts.

  • The Power of Determination

Holy Ghost Tongues, Power, & Prayer

  • How to manifest Kingdom restoration.

  • Power to overcome demonic principalities.

  • Discover nine facts about the Holy Ghost outpouring.

  • Activate the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit in you.

50 Confessions

Sometimes it's hard to navigate your way. What you need is truth. Confessing the Word of
God over your life is a powerful way to renew your mind with Biblical truth.

12 MP3 Audios On One Flash Drive.



 AUDIO - 1  How To Enter God's Presence

AUDIO - 2   Knowing What To Pray For

Audios - 3  Prayer That Gets Rewarded

Audios -  How To Hear From God During Warfare



AUDIO - 1  Warfare And The Seasoned Intercessor

AUDIO - 2  How To Be Led By The Holy Spirit

AUDIO - 3  It's Time To Speak The Word

AUDIO - 4  Prayer That Gets Answered



AUDIO - 1  What To Do When You Can't Hear From God

AUDIO - 2  Send The Word

AUDIO - 3 Praying Gods Perfect Will

AUDIO - 4 Developing Your Spiritual Capacity