Holy Ghost And Fire Worship Music - (MP3 Download)

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Holy Ghost And Fire Worship Music Holy Ghost And Fire - Apostolic-Prophetic Worship Songs (MP3 - Download)

      1. Holy Ghost and Fire (3:57)
      2. Shout (4:54)
      3. The Shout of Blind Bartimaeus (2:36)
      4. The Name of the Lord (6:00)
      5. My Everything (6:51)
      6. Awesome God (3:57)
      7. You Are Holy (3:54)
      8. Jesus (3:57)
      9. Holy Ghost and Fire Reprise (:53)


SINGERS:  Lead Vocals: Sherea Atkins, Talesha M. Nelson, Katonya Richmond | Background Vocals: Spirit of Life Ministries | Voices of Liberty

Guest Vocals: Elaine Barber, Rosselin Jones (The Miracle Lights) 

MUSICIANS: Keyboards: Adam Courtney, Lorenzo Nelson Jr., Lionel Nelson Drums: Toro "TJ" Nelson | Bass:Lionel Nelson | Organ: Lorenzo Nelson Jr., Lionel Nelson Strings: Adam Courtney, Lorenzo Nelson Jr. |Synthesizer: Lorenzo Nelson Jr. Horns: Adam Courtney, Lionel Nelson | Saxophone: Ned Germain Trombone:Kenneth Musgrove | Lead Guitar: Ray McKenzie | Acoustic Guitar: Donald Kirsch

GUEST MUSICIANS: Lead Guitar: Clarence Graves, Greg McCombs

Executive Producer: Jonas Clark, Apostle of Spirit of Life Ministries 
Minister of Music and Producer: Lionel Nelson 
Engineers: Lionel Nelson and extremely talented Harry "Ammo" Gathers


We give glory to Jesus for His grace, His mercy and unyielding favor upon us. A special thanks to our many dear friends, family and loved ones who helped with this project. Spirit of Life Ministries family we say thank you for your prayers, support and sincere words of encouragement. To our spiritual leaders Apostle Jonas and Pastor Rhonda Clark, we love and appreciate you for paving the way for us to achieve such a great accomplishment. This is only the beginning. We thank you for sowing into our lives the desire to do the will of God in the spirit of excellence. 

Minister of Music, 
Lionel Nelson