Calling All Warriors (Praise Music) - (MP3 Download)

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Calling All Warriors (Praise Music) Calling All Warriors - Apostolic-Prophetic Praise Songs (MP3 - Download)

  1. Warriors 4:20

  2. Sound The Alarm 3:06

  3. Unstoppable 4:07

  4. We Bow 5:04

  5. Holy Lord 4:44

  6. I Gotta Praise 4:40

  7. We Praise 3:46

  8. Can You Hear The Sound 3:39

  9. Your Presence 6:20

  10. Your Presence (Spontaneous Worship) 1:24

  11. Lift Him High 4:05

  12. Come In 3:46

  13. Warriors (Reprise) 2:06


SINGERS: Sherea Atkins, Talesha M. Nelson, KenDella Musgrove, Katonya Richmond, Dominique Dumervil | Guest Artist: Harry Ammo Gathers - Lift Him High

MUSICIANS Keyboards & Organs: Adam Courtney, Lorenzo Poppa Nelson, Lionel Nelson | Drums: Toro TJ Nelson | Bass: Lionel Nelson | Strings: Lionel Nelson

Horns: Lionel Nelson Lead Guitar: Clarence Graves, Greg McCombs, Lionel Nelson

Percussions: Lionel Nelson

Executive Producer: Jonas Clark, Apostle of Spirit of Life Ministries

Minister of Music and Producer: Lionel Nelson | Engineers: Lionel Nelson, Harry Ammo Gathers, Devaris Addison and Daniel Perez

I give God all the glory for blessing these songs. His anointing made this project possible. Through these songs, we enter our Lord's presence and worship Him in Spirit and truth. They have blessed and refreshed us, and we believe they will also minister to you. I would like to thank Apostle Jonas and Pastor Rhonda Clark, our Praise team, and my Spirit of Life Ministries family for all their prayers and support. I also thank the fine musicians, Clarence Graves, Lorenzo Poppa Nelson, Greg McCombs, Adam Courtney, and master engineers, Harry Ammo Gathers, Devaris Addison, and Daniel Perez. It is a great pleasure to work with you. Finally, my lovely wife and family who waited patiently for me to complete the recordings. I love you much.

Minister of Music, Lionel Nelson