The Making Of A Warrior (MP3 Download)

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The Making Of A WarriorSpiritual warriors battle apathy, demonic spirits, and strange ideologies. It's time to wake up the mighty men. You were born for such a time as this. Within you is a mighty warrior that knows how to respond when the Holy Ghost says it's time for war.

Engaging the enemy requires the skilled use of spiritual weapons. Those weapons are found throughout Scripture, and you need to learn how to use them.

As you strap on the Holy Spirit's weapons, He will use you for mighty exploits. In this series, Jonas teaches you how God developed the greatest spiritual warriors of all time, David's mighty men. Like them, you can make a difference in your life, advance the Kingdom of God, and bring glory to Christ in your generation.

The trumpet is sounding; the awakening has begun. 

Learn how to school the spiritual warrior within you and win every time.

In this spiritual warfare series you will learn:

(4 MP3s Teaching Series)

MP3-1 Awakening the Warring Spirit

MP3-2 Understanding David's Mighty Men

MP3-3 Schooling the Warrior Within

MP3-4 Overcoming Spiritual Attacks