Jumpstart to Significance (Physical Book)

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Jumpstart to Significance:

As you explore the Jumpstart to Significance course was designed to draw out the leadership potential that lies inside of you and fulfill your desire for a deeper relationship with Christ. Completing this training will enable you to reach a higher level of integrity and character.

Discover the gift of God in you and get started doing something great for Christ. It's time to fulfill your destiny.

  • Learn the important differences between apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers so you can reap maximum benefits.

  • Get equipped and empowered to advance in your calling.

  • Understand the concepts of teamwork, apostolic synergy, and the ministry anointing of helps.

  • Find your place of effective ministry in the Body of Christ.

  • Learn various aspects of real-life ministry operations and how the Holy Spirit involves you.

  • Identify the God-given champion within you.

  • Discover the powerful benefits of a lifestyle of learning.

  • Discover the apostolic model of ministry and how to find your place in it.

  • Learn how to increase in spiritual authority.

  • Discover how to exercise dominion authority in all areas of your life.

  • Start walking in God's divine purpose for your life.

Jumpstart to Significance  is an excellent curriculum and Bible course carefully designed for the Bible school, classroom, or training center. The lessons and quizzes have been thoughtfully laid out to progressively lead each student into a solid understanding of God's divine purpose for your life.



1. History and Adventures of Spirit of Life

2. Five Ascension Gifts

3. The Ministry of Helps

4. Equipped for Ministry

5. The Harvest Strategy

6. Discovering the Champion Within

7. Schooling the Champion Within

8. The Believer's Anointing

9. Faithfulness in Ministry

10. Entering the Apostolic Structure

11. Increasing in Spiritual Authority

12. The Believer's Kingship

13. Review and Evaluation

Reflect and Apply Answer Key