Saboteurs in The Republic (Physical Book)

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Saboteurs in The Republic Fifth column. Today our Republic is under siege by the fifth column, corrupt politicians, socialists, bankers, Wall Street, haters of country, culture, Constitution, liberty, capitalism, family, and God.

We have been lied to by corrupt politicians, socialists, too-big-to-fail bankers, Wall Street fat-cats, and others that hate our country, culture, U. S. Constitution, liberty, free market capitalism, family, and, most of all, our God.

These lying supplanters desire a new America, one of their own making, and will stop at nothing until the America framed by our Founding Fathers is completely destroyed.

"I hear the sound of the patriot's drum and a voice saying, 'Arise thou mighty men of valor.' And arise they have, patriots of the Republic with the Spirit of Liberty ready to take back their nation. We are one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all."



1. Creating a New America

2. Regaining the High Places

3. Exposing Utopia

4. The Fifth Column

5. Destruction by National Debt

6. A Nation Under Siege

7. The Reformer's Spirit

8. Toward Freedom