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Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Here's your chance! In this comprehensive seminar, you'll gain the knowledge and tools you need to take your big idea and turn it into a profitable business. Learn the secrets of product design, development, pricing, packaging, marketing, and more. Get the expert guidance you need to make your dream a reality!For entrepreneurs that desire to start a business, those struggling in business, or those that want to take their marketing skills to the next level, Scripture declares that God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants (Psalm 35:27). It’s interesting that God is a businessman, and a businessman expects a return on his investment.

The Father sent His only begotten son into this world, expecting to see that seed spring up with multitudes of souls redeemed from sin and translated into the Kingdom of God. Jesus said, "Occupy until I come" (Luke 19:13). He also taught the Parable of the Talents, expecting his servants to do something for God with their gifts (Matthew 25:15). We need more Christians entering the marketplace. The Holy Spirit has given thousands of people great, big ideas, but they don’t know what to do with them. In this seminar, we teach you how to get your big idea started.

What is your brand new product?

Learn how to be descriptive and concise about your big idea. This is known as your pitch.

Domains, branding, and trade marks

Learn about Internet domains, branding, branding logos, and trademarking your big idea.

Adds value to buyers

Understand how to present your big idea by focusing on benefits and adding value to your buyers.

You make money by being different.

Your unique selling proposition (USP) sets you apart from the competition. It helps when your product is unique, distinct, effective, and different. Nailing this will be the linchpin for much of your brand and product marketing. This is what makes your product, service, or company different. New and different gets retailers' attention!

defining your target market

Successful entrepreneurs know their target customer. Doing market research will help you discover what people are looking for and paying for. This will define your target market. We will teach you what research tools will help you identify strong product niches.

Sourcing products and manufacturing

Now that you have your big idea, where does your product get manufactured? In this segment, we show you how to source manufacturers in the USA and overseas.


Lots of manufacturing is done overseas in places like China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, and such. If you want to bring goods from overseas into the US, you should know about shipping costs, US Customs requirements, import duties, and any other government requirements, such as labeling or information about product safety.

Protecting Your Big Idea

Entrepreneurs should protect their big ideas. Filing for a patent and/or applying for a registered trademark should be done. Here we will show you the steps necessary to ensure protection.

Understanding price points

There are certain rules of thumb for pricing your products. The question is, can you enter the market with your product at market pricing and still make a profit? Pricing is tricky. Getting your price points right is important. Learn how to balance your price points with perceived value. If the product is priced too low, buyers may perceive that the quality of the product is not good. They will look for a lower price elsewhere if the price is too high.

Getting the packaging right

Packaging should reflect the quality of your product. Don’t skimp here because customers often judge a product by its "perceived value." Keep your packaging simple, informative, and functional. Keep your retailers in mind. For example, how much space will your packaging require in a store? Is your packaging stackable? We will show you where to find ideas for packaging and design.

Presentation and product photography

It’s important to present your big idea to potential buyers with great photography. Professional commercial photographs of product lines or of individual products can either focus on the design of the product (for example, the sleekness of a kettle or the depth of carpet fibers) or on the use of the product (for example, the functions on an iPhone or playing games on the Wii).

Understanding the competition

Business is warfare, and you can always expect to find competition in the marketplace. Before going into business, know your competition. What products are they selling? How are they similar to yours? What does their business model look like? What is their pricing? What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses? What about their sales, profit margins, packaging, marketing strategies, and niche? What can you do to beat them? Learn how to find your competition’s weaknesses.

Making Money

Getting your great idea to the market is a great feeling of accomplishment, but can you make any money? Making money requires getting a real handle on your company's numbers, such as sales, cost of sales, gross profit margins, and net profit margins. Knowing your numbers is a must for success. Learn how to map out a business and marketing plan and put together a realistic budget. You should know what it takes to get to breakeven and then to profitability before you launch.

Great Marketing Strategies

Product design, development, inventory, marketing, and startup costs are significant and always more than you think. Starting a business is a big risk. Do you have the money it takes to launch and sustain your business? Most companies fail in their first year. What makes you think yours will survive? What is your appetite for risk? How long and how much money are you willing to lose to make it work? In this segment, we discuss business and marketing strategy before you launch your big idea.

The Company Model

Learn how to develop a sound business model. A business model consists of three main elements: people, process, and product. If you only have one of these in place, you probably will not survive; if you have two in place, you might make it; but if you have all three in place, you will be a hit.

Funding Your Big Idea

There are lots of ways to get startup money. Here we will discuss some strategies.

How to Get Started

Now it is time to take your product into the marketplace. Learn what you need to start selling your product or service online and how to promote your big idea.

Marketing Your Big Idea: A PDF Slide Presentation (Included)


"I learned how to turn my competitor’s weakness into my strength."

"This really helped me define my niche in the market."

"I learned my business model was not complete." "This really was needed in my company."

"This was a wealth of information. Thank you."

"This made me rethink franchising."

"This was information I can use right now to help my big idea make it."

"I like how to create a revenue source without being there."

"I'm making something that will inspire me."

"I learned so much today, like finding my competitors' weaknesses and reworking my marketing strategy. That was worth the price of the course all by itself.

"This class taught me so many things, especially the mistakes about packaging and marketing my product."

"I got a lot of insight on how many steps we are missing in the company." Now I know what to do. "Awesome."

"I really approve of this class." I am full. I received lots of ideas. "I love the part about branding and trade marketing."

"I am taking away so much." "What helped me was the step-by-step examples and the sourcing information that really pointed me in the right direction."

"I learned a lot about research marketing, and this seminar showed me exactly how to build my business."

"Understanding product photography was really useful."

"I loved the part on how to start an online business model."

"I learned how to find manufacturers." "That was very beneficial."

"The part about importing and exporting is what I needed."

"This assisted me in learning how to start a new idea and grow it into a real business step by step."

"I feel empowered to not settle for a job."

"This helped me get laser focused on important things in my business."

"I didn’t know all that stuff about Internet domains."

"I like it when I need to know how to do something and someone tells me how to do it." No fluff. "This was straight and to the point."

"I loved the people, process, and product type." "Just the information on product packaging was worth the whole seminar."

"I have had so many ideas but didn’t know how to get started." "Now I do."

"I learned how to predict what my customers want to buy."

"This seminar taught me about becoming an expert in my niche and how to focus on what makes my product different and better than my competition."

"This course clearly defined the process and steps to starting your business, taking the fear out of the marketing, promotion, and development processes."

"This workshop was amazing." "What stood out to me was my product's uniqueness, and that difference gets retailers' attention."

"Before the workshop, my idea was general. "I now know how to research and better focus on my target market."

"How to exploit the weaknesses of my competitor."

Note: This is an e-kit; nothing physical will be mailed to you. only available for immediate download.