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demonology-deliverance-course-cover-250x354.pngDemonology And Deliverance
Are you struggling to help someone suffering from demonic abuse, rejection, or control? If so, the Demonology and Deliverance E-kit is the perfect tool to help you understand how to help those in need. This E-kit contains 4 pocket-sized books and 12 hours of audio teachings which will give you the knowledge and tools to keep your deliverance and minister to those in need.
Do you consider deliverance ministry important? It is. Deliverance is one of the most neglected and much-needed ministries today. Evil spirits torment people and make their lives miserable. They need help. Demon spirits cannot be counseled out, bargained out, or talked out. They must be cast out. The information in these materials will help you understand how to help people suffering from demonic abuse, rejection, or demonic control.
Some of the topics:
27 Spirits Mentioned In The Bible
Who Needs Deliverance?
Six Things Evil Spirits Attach Themselves To
When Demons Don't leave
The Unknown Difference Between Possessed And Demonized
How To Keep Your Deliverance
Ministering To Those With A Rejection Spirit
Healing Hurts, Wounds, and Scares
E-Kit Includes 4 pdf pocket-sized books and over 12 hours of audio teachings.
Come Out
7 Signs Of A Family Curse
Overcoming Dark Imaginations
Exposing Spiritual Witchcraft
MP3 Audio Sessions (12 MP3 Audio Files)
Session 1- Six Types Of Pneuma Spirits
Session 2- Heritage Of Deliverance Ministry
Session 3- No Cause, No Curse
Session 4- Arresting Personality Malfunctions
Session 5- Casting Down Strongholds
Session 6- Emotional Recovery Checklist
Session 7- Digging Out Rejection Issues
Session 8- Messenger Of Jezebel
Session 9- Seven Signs Of A Family Curse
Session 10- Land Of Giants
Session 11- When Demons Attack
Session 12- Discerning Spiritual Climates
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