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Battle Ready FaithBattle-ready faith is different. It's not ordinary, everyday faith. It's not Sunday morning faith, and it's not a shallow belief in God faith. No, battle ready faith activates during times of trouble, times of opposition, times when you don't know what to do, and times of spiritual warfare. Battle ready faith is the kind of faith you need when you lose your job, have trouble with your marriage, can’t pay your bills, when your kids go crazy, or the doctor gives you a bad report. 

Battle-ready faith is the kind of faith you need when things aren't going right. When the wind is blowing, the house shaking, and it looks like you’re not going to make it. It's the kind of faith you need when you are frustrated and angry. Battle ready faith is the only faith that subdues your enemy, moves you forward, and overcomes your opposition. Battle ready faith is the kind of faith God likes to see you moving in.


The Empowerment of Faith

Battle Ready Warriors

Explosive Faith 

Understanding Faith Battles

Faith That Activates the Anointing

Fighting with God's Power

Walking in Spiritual Authority

Faith That Pleases God

Discernment during Spiritual Battles

Staying Focused in the Battle

Praying Faith That Wins

Effective Battle Faith

Faith That Demonstrates

Faith That Comes From Hearing Spiritual Battles

Faith That Moves You Forward

How to Protect Yourself

Spiritual Battles Early Warning Signs

Discerning Strongholds

The Armor of Faith



 3 Books and over 12 hours of audio teachings.


Unlocking Spiritual Authority

Weapons Of Your Warfare

What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

  • What God expects from every disciple.
  • Unlocking your governing kingship in Christ.
  • Stepping into governing authority.
  • Your role as ambassador of Christ.
  • Invading and spoiling dark kingdoms.
  • Discerning Rogue Imaginations.
  • Using Christ's Fighting Instruments
  • Overcome Imagery Conversations in Your Mind
  • Stop the Emotions Imagination Produces
  • Overcoming Confusion's Grey Haze
  • Don't Give Life to Thoughts of Giving Up
  • What to do When an Imagination Hits your Mind
  • How To Fortify Your Mind Against Vain Thoughts
  • Power of Determination





AUDIO - 1 Faith that Makes Things Happen

AUDIO - 2 When the Anointing Comes On You

AUDIO - 3 Drawing On the Power of God

AUDIO - 4 Three Levels of Spiritual Warfare



AUDIO - 1 Endued With Power\

AUDIO - 2 Faith Carries a Different Spirit

AUDIO - 3 Schooling Spiritual Warriors

AUDIO - 4 Holy Ghost and the Sons of God



AUDIO - 1 Overcoming Spiritual Attacks

AUDIO - 2 Moving in the Holy Ghost

AUDIO - 3 Faith's Diligent Pursuit of God

AUDIO - 4 Where Faith Begins To Work