The Believer's Kingship (MP3 Download)

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Taking Hold Of Your Kingship Restoring The Kingship Of All Believers

We have a revelation of our priesthood -- we can sing, worship, preach, pray, and prophesy with the best of them; we can cast out demons and lay hands on the sick and watch them recover -- but we have yet to fully comprehend what it means to be a royal (kingly) priesthood. The apostolic grace is releasing an interesting dynamic in the Church: Believers are learning that they are both priests and kings. 

The Holy Spirit is teaching us that every believer should be equipped to minister where they live and work -- their domain. A domain is a place of activity that you influence in your daily life -- your marketplace. Jesus spent the last 40 days of His earthly ministry talking to His apostles about kingship. We are all called to make a difference in our world. Jesus said, "Occupy till I come." He commanded us to pray, "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth just as it is in heaven." 

Get ready to enter an unprecedented time of manifest authority.


CD-1 The Basileia Of Dominion

CD-2 Pressing Into The Kingdom

CD-3 Clash Of The Kingdoms Of This World

CD-4 Coming Out Of Your Spiritual Ghetto