Advanced Apostolic Studies (Physical Book)

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Advanced Apostolic StudiesAs you explore the Advanced Apostolic Studies equipping module, you will gain a new perspective on the ministry of an apostle and how these gifts work together with prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers to equip you for victory. A new apostolic reformation is underway, and it's producing new Apostolic ministries that are effective for the Kingdom of God. The book will show how you, the born-again believer, fit into this new apostolic ministry revolution for 21st-century Spirit-filled living. This New Testament apostolic Church is not like your grandmother's church!

Inside this book you will find some important truths: 


  • Building apostolic foundations 
  • 4 Types of apostles and their differences
  • Important distinctions between apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers
  • Unique graces on the five-fold ascension gifts
  • How to be activated into apostolic ministry
  • Discover the seat of divine government
  • How to enter the "sent one" apostolic dimension
  • 12 qualifications for apostolic ministry
  • How every believer fits into the apostolic structure
  • Earmarks of an apostolic lifestyle
  • Why you need a spiritual father
  • Why Holy Spirit imparts spiritual gifts to you
  • Protection from false apostles
  • And much more!


Advanced Apostolic Studies Digital Book


Advanced Apostolic Studies is an excellent curriculum and Bible course carefully designed for the Bible school, classroom, or training center. The lessons and quizzes have been thoughtfully laid out to progressively lead each student into a solid understanding of the apostle's unique ministry, how he impacts the local church, and what you can expect when you work with an apostle.




1. Five-Fold Ascension Gifts


2. Four Types of Apostles


3. Master Builders


4. Apostles in the Word


5. Priesthood of Every Believer


6. Apostles and Spiritual Jurisdictions


7. Apostles and the Church


8. Sent Ones and Territorial Opposition


9. Earmarks of Apostolic Team Members and Ministries


10. Apostles and the Nations


11. Discerning False Apostles


12. Benefiting from Spiritual Fathers




Reflect and Apply Answer Key