Demons & Deliverance (MP3 Download)

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Demons & Deliverance

Are you or someone you know struggling with demonic oppression or affliction? Do you want to know how to confront and cast out unclean spiritsIf so, then this 4-part MP3 teaching series on deliverance and demons is just what you need. This series will provide a comprehensive overview of deliverance ministry and equip you with the knowledge, understanding, and spiritual tools needed to effectively confront and cast out demonic powers. Discover your authority in Christ and be empowered to stand against the enemy and bring deliverance to the captives!Demon spirits know they are no match for the Holy Spirit's deliverance ministry. Demon spirits want to be left alone, unchallenged, and undetected. Don't leave them alone; rather, confront them and cast them out.


Deliverance belongs to us. It is the children's bread. The devils have no right to harass and torment the citizens of Zion. According to Scripture, the first sign that follows every believer is deliverance."And these signs shall follow them that believe; in my name shall they cast out devils, and they shall speak with new tongues" (Mark 16:17).

Demon spirits know they are no match for the Holy Ghost. As a Spirit-filled Christian, you are endued with Holy Ghost power to help people. You have been given power to tread on serpents and over all the power of the wicked one. Jesus taught that when unclean, vexing, harassing, tormenting, or demonizing spirits are cast out of people, the kingdom of God is manifesting. "But if I, with the finger of God, cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you" (Luke 11:20).


Deliverance is still the children's bread; freedom belongs to you.


This 4-part MP3 teaching series includes:


MP3-1 Anointing for Deliverance


MP3-2 Heritage of Deliverance Ministry


MP3-3 6 Types of Pneuma Spirits


MP3-4 Confronting Demon Powers