Embracing Kingdom Culture (MP3 Download)

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Embracing Kingdom CultureEvery kingdom has a culture including the Kingdom of God.

The kingdoms of this world are being shaken. Perilous times are all around us, but Christ offers you a solution. The solution is embracing the Kingdom of God. But how can you embrace what you do not understand? Understanding the culture of the kingdom of God will empower you to live a victorious Christian life. 

Jesus taught His disciples to put first the Kingdom of God. In this series learn these vital truths.

How to enter Kingdom Culture

Seven Marks of Kingdom Culture

Activating the Oath of Allegiance 

Kingdom Rights, Privileges, and Responsibilities

Understanding Man Ruling over Man Kingdoms

Discovering Your Protector Provider 

As you embrace Kingdom culture, all these things shall be added unto you.

(4 MP3 Teaching Series)

MP3-1 The First City-State Kingdoms

MP3-2 Other Protectors Providers

MP3-3 The Warrior's Oath

MP3-4 Putting First the Kingdom of God