Freedom From Pharaoh's Financial System (MP3 Download)

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Freedom From Pharaoh's Financial System Are You Serving God, but Working For Pharaoh?

When God delivered the children of Israel out of Egypt they were working for Pharaoh who oppressed the people. Thousands live from paycheck to paycheck barely getting by and are never able to obtain financial freedom. Some even work for slave-driving taskmasters who resemble Pharaoh himself. Could it be possible that you are serving God but working for Pharaoh? The good  is, God has heard your cries, seen your afflictions, and offers you a way of escape. 

You have never heard teaching like this one! 

Topics include:

MP3-1 Deliverance By A Mighty Hand

MP3-2 Progressive Steps To Freedom

MP3-3 Freedom From Pharaoh's Grip

The last thing Pharaoh holds is your possessions.

God's promise to His children is, "You shall not come out empty-handed."